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 Umoja wa Kidunia 

Feat. MC K-Méléon, Tina Mweni, 
Lloys, Frost, DJ PH, Koulirou


The Swahili Hip-Hop Philosopher

He is the rhythm master, MC, Hip-Hop drummer, Beatboxer, Song writers, Producer and Street Leader from Watenwga crew.

Dwee is a Hip-Hop activist representing the African culture through his music. He has already been performing in different countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and France where he has been invited with the project East Africa Rise Up. He is now coming up with his longtime prepared solo album “Umoja wa Kidunia”. The album has been produced in France (recorded, mixed and mastered). Dwee's lyrics are 100% inspiring Swahili words.


Dwee grew up in Kijenge, one of the numerous slums of Arusha and has been living for 10 years with the other members of Watengwa in Kijenge Juu. Being a member of Watengwa kept him away from hard drugs and from becoming a thief because the crew always had strict rules concerning this issues affecting a huge number of youth in this slums. We can say that Hip-Hop saved Dwee's life. At some point he has even been working in the tanzanite mines to get a living. He finally ended up in the United African Alliance Community Center, UAACC, a center created in 1991 by previous Black Panther Pete and Charlotte O'Neal, where he has been volunteering for 10 years now, teaching drums and music production in the studio Peace Power Production (PPP).

Community Empowerment 

United African Alliance Community Center 



Umoja wa Kidunia

 Now Available 

Dwee recorded this album during a trip to France with East Africa Rise Up project.
Producers: Lloys, Orkim, Dwee, DJ AZ, DJ PH
Label: WePresent
Executive Producer: Mathieu Bruno